Straps, hooks, magnets? Forget the ridiculous shirt stays. Our built-in technology is perfectly hassle-free, fast and invisible.

What makes our shirt unique is the hidden RUBBR technology that is a silicone printed band that enables the shirt to stay firmly on you all day long without the necessity to tuck your shirt ever again. Our custom aerospace grade aluminum belt is lightweight and unnoticeable.


How does it work?

We have created a hidden band with silicone printing that lightly adheres to your underwear. You can fasten the belt with our custom made super lightweight aerospace grade aluminum buckle in one second.

Isn’t the buckle uncomfortable?

No, it was developed to be perfectly unnoticeable. It is made of anodised super lightweight aluminum with aerospace grade toughness, so you can also put it in the washing machine without a problem.

Isn’t the belt uncomfortable?

No, it is not. Our testers reported that it feels unusual in the first 10 minutes, but after that you forget that it is a different shirt. They only realised its difference when they wanted to tuck their shirts out of habit but realised that it is not necessary anymore.

How do you put it on?

You need to fasten the belt and pull it down as much as you can in order to fix it. It works the best with boxers as the silicone band adheres to them lightly. This process adds only 1-2 seconds to the dressing but helps to button your shirt right, so you might actually save time with it.

I would like a different colour/style. Will you make different models?

Yes, we will. Our Kickstarter campaign launches soon and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from – depending on your demand.

Is it also available in women version?

For the time being, we will launch with male version only but we already have the female version in our pipeline.

Does the shirt really stay tucked in?

Yes, it does! The rubber band is firm enough to be comfortable but hold your shirt through the whole day.

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