The first shirt in the world that always stays tucked in.

Perfect apperance – an essential element of your overall service and a powerful message to your guests.

For all the hardworking professionals in fields where appearance matters and dress code is taken seriously.

& Technology

Shirtnbelt uses our proprietary sewing pattern and design- our shirts will never come untucked

The Shirt – our shirts were created by a new generation of designers for a unique and contemporary feel

The Belt – made of skin-friendly silicone and placed invisibly in the inside of the shirt, below the waistline

“True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

How it works

Shirtnbelt is the perfect work companion for you. Let me explain in three easy steps:




How it works

Shirtnbelt is the perfect work companion for you. Let me explain in three easy steps:




Invisible solution. Visible results.

Your shirt will never come untucked, unlike any other shirt

Designed to provide maximum comfort

Made of durable materials for a long lifetime

Resistant to wrinkles, even after long working hours

Supports every dress code effortlessly


Our passion is your passion
loving our work and giving our clients a perfect experience

Hospitality Solutions

Professional uniforms for professional businesses

Since the creation of the ‘Shirt n Belt’, we have been continuously working on making it available for every business where the flawless appearance of the employees is a must, and for those who make an effort to always look sharp.

This revolutionary solution makes this effort disappear, while the representatives of your business will constantly look professional throughout the desired dress code.

Are you a hospitality business owner or manager? Explore our solutions and reach out to discuss your requirements.

To ensure the guests upmost enjoyment during their stay (and therefore their frequent return) hotels employ from a wide range of people for all the different roles in hospitality.

It is undoubtedly important, that the receptionist, concierge, bell boy, manager and all the other employees always look impeccable.

However, since the uniform is exposed to a different effect in each position, we have a separate solution for everybody.

Nonetheless they all have one thing in common. They  will stay tucked in all day long.

We offer a completely unique and special solution for airlines. Part of the complex responsibilities of the flight attendants is to demonstrate the safety instructions of emergency situations to the passengers, and also to help with the luggage.

For these particular uniforms, we have designed a different tailoring and cut type and utilized materials that make the shirt not only look superb but will be durable and comfortable to wear even for a trans-Pacific flight.

A cruise ship’s particularity that they gather almost all catering units in one place.

Where there are restaurants, several bars, and even a casino, the accompanying staff must offer the same professional service combined with an excellent and uniform look to thousands of guests everywhere all the time.

The perfect look is guaranteed by ‘Shirt n Belt’, which offers a personalized uniform for all sectors of the ship’s workforce.

In the hectic and demanding life of restaurants, the waiters and all the staff must have a high workload capacity.

They serve guests throughout the day, walking miles along the tables.

In this fast paced environment there isn’t always enough attention to spare or even enough time to keep an eye out for the perfect look.

From now on, there is no need, because ‘Shirt n Belt’ solves that all. The perfect look is guaranteed even on the busiest day.

Bars always greatly emphasize on the elegant yet fashionable look. This is as true for the interior design as for the attire of the staff.

The visual elements are indispensable for guests to relax in complete harmony. This must be maintained even when the mixer creates the perfect cocktail, where an un-tucked shirt can easily unsettle the scene.

With ‘Shirt n Belt’ you won’t even have to think about it any more, the uniforms will stay tucked in all day long, and will complete the image you are looking for.

Casinos have always had and will have a unique atmosphere that nothing else can offer.

This radiance comes from the ultimate elegance that guests only experience in a casino.

‘Shirt n Belt’ represents this luxurious charm, besides the croupier’s shirt won’t un-tuck getting up from the table or spinning the ball.


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